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My husband & I live in the mountains of North Georgia and are in awe with the beauty of the Appalachian region and nature in general. We feel immensely lucky to live here in the beautiful Choestoe Valley and our mission is to bring Appalachia to everyone through Sunrise Grocery, JMC Artistic Photography and Sunrise Wick & Wash. 

Jason, my amazing hubby, is also a wonderful dad, son and brother. My parents may even admit he's an incredible son-in-law. ;-) He owns Sunrise Grocery, here in Blairsville, which Southern Living said is the "most charming general store." I think it's the most charming of general stores too and the boiled peanuts are a fan favorite. He's also a landscape photographer and his work has been published in different magazines and murals of his art can be found in Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta. On top of that, he is co-host of the show, View Finders, that airs on GPB in April 2022. Super proud of him!


I'm a lucky wife, mother, daughter and sister! I adore spending time with family, they're my world! I also love hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing (when I am lucky enough) and pretty much anything where I get to spend time outside. I love hiking and exploring with Jason as he scouts out images and can usually be found on a rock reading as he shoots. I'm an avid lover of books, the old-fashioned kind. My other love is yoga. I am in the process of becoming a certified yoga instructor. It has helped me grow both mentally and physically and I am excited to share that with others!

Back to Sunrise Wick & Wash...

All of my soaps and candles are handmade in small batches using high quality fragrance and essential oils. It's all Appalachian inspired and my soap is the old-fashioned kind~cold-process, lye soap. My hope is that you will enjoy them as much as I enjoy making each one and that you feel a connection to our beloved Appalachia each time you use one.

I am SOO incredibly thankful for all my friends and customers who have supported Sunrise Wick & Wash these last four years! You have no idea how much your support means! It is because of you guys that we get to run our little business to support our family. 

Much love and best wishes, 
~Jesica Clemmons

Jason and I in snow December 2017.jpg
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