Order an entire loaf of soap (17 bars). This is a great option if you want to buy enough to give away as gifts or if you love one of the soaps I make & want to buy enough to last a long time. You save a dollar per bar by ordering a whole loaf. The great thing about the latter is the bars will last longer the longer they sit. So, if you buy a whole loaf, the bars just keep getting better as they wait for you to use them. This is due to water evaporating from the soap; this makes the bars harder. I've had several requests from you guys to make entire loaves so I decided to add the option to my Etsy site. You can choose your scent variation by clicking on the one you want. I will cut the loaf into bars for you unless you request otherwise. If you wish to have the whole loaf uncut, I am able to do that, too. Just let me know. The processing time for ordering a whole loaf is a little longer than just ordering a few bars. I will take 1-2 weeks before shipping out due to making & drying time. Shoot me a message if you have any questions or don't see the soap you want listed.

Whole Loaf